Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sol y Luna Restaurant

Sol y Luna. Sun and moon. Day and night. Or, in my visit to the Sol y Luna Restaurant in Tarzana, it was an experience more like night and day.

I went with two friends, one who was visiting from the Midwest, and the other who had heard good things about Sol y Luna. The place looked fun with a mural of famous Mexicans (I immediately recognized Frida Kahlo) and other cool decorations on the walls, and we were looking forward to some yummy Mexican food.

On the bright side, MY food was very good! I had the green corn tamale shown here plus a grilled fish taco and fried plantains. All my dishes were very tasty and just what I wanted. Unfortunately, my friends had woeful experiences.

My friend from the Midwest ordered ceviche and a burrito. The ceviche was served at the same time as my tamale instead of as an appetizer as intended, and the burrito only showed up on the bill and never at the table.

My other friend, who had worked for years as a waitress and server, started off disappointed as the waitress couldn't answer basic questions about what beers were served and then disappeared for way too long. She finally ordered two à la carte tamales but asked for them on the same plate without the extra scoop of guacamole. Guess what? Two plates arrived with two scoops of guac, and then her tamales were dry and drab.

Throughout the hour-plus lunch (we know this because we had to replug the meter midway), we had four different servers, and they pretty much all got it all wrong. The hostess was no help in resolving the situation, and probably made it worse.

Again, I can recommend my delicious food, but it was hard to enjoy my meal when things were going terribly wrong for my friends. If you go, let me know how if you get the sun or they moon you.

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