Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kiss My Bundt Bakery

By day, Kiss My Bundt is a deliciously decadent bakery on the corner of Third and Crescent Heights. By night, they transition to the Baking Academy, where you learn to create the treats yourself, after sampling the specialties (like the luscious lemon drop and red velvet cakes) for inspiration.

I was gifted with a ticket for KMB's Custom Cake/Frosting Flavor Development class. As the winner of the Miss Home Economics award my senior year of high school, I was pretty confident in the kitchen, but it was cool to get a refresher course on the science of baking. Owner and founder Chrysta Wilson's presentation includes why we use baking powder for some recipes and baking soda in others, how to really measure flour for the right fluffiness of the final product, and how to layer flavors for the tastiest results. The learning is definitely hands-on, and the concepts are immediately applied.

There were 10 aspiring bundters for the class, and we split into two groups. Each group had to come to a consensus on the batter flavors; my group went with lime and mint. YUM!! You see them here, and we all took a spin with the pastry bag and the vanilla buttercream frosting. The other group devised an orange/cinnamon cake with cinnamon/vanilla frosting.

So let's cut to the chase on Kiss My Bundt's Baking Academy: arrive, sample cakes, make and eat baby bundts, then take more bundts home. Any questions? Class dismissed!

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