Saturday, May 22, 2010

Burger Kitchen

Here we are two-thirds of the way through National Hamburger Month, and I've not shown any national pride! That changed when I spotted The Burger Kitchen while in the 'hood at Kiss My Bundt. And, oh, what a spot it is!

Don't be overwhelmed by the 25 or so burgers on the menu, as you'll certainly find one - or more - that you'll like. Not a beef person? Select turkey or lamb patties instead. There are also salmon, shrimp and lobster options, as well as veggie choices.

I wanted several, like the Capitol Burger (lettuce, glazed apples, applewood smoked bacon and bleu cheese), The Godfather (fresh buffalo mozzarella, arugula, fresh tomato, italian house spread) and the Texas Chili (lettuce, house chili, chopped onions, grated cheese). I finally went with the pictured mini Three Amigos, so I could try different flavors, one mild, one medium and one hot.

At 1 o'clock is the mild with pico de gallo and wrapped in lettuce. At 6 o'clock is the medium with honey-ancho chili sauce, roasted bell peppers and grilled onions. Finally, at 9 o'clock is the spicy hot burger with grilled jalapeno and cheddar cheese. I ate them in that order, and each was delicious! The char-broiled meat was so flavorful, and the toppings were just fantastic.

Burger Kitchen just opened in April, yet they seemed to have all the start-up jitters worked out. I went "commando" with just the burger and no fries or sides, but everything that came out of the kitchen looked and smelled terrific! Give the newbie a try, and let me know what you think.

Their Web site is under construction. Street address is 8048 West Third Street (at Crescent Heights) and phone is 323-944-0503.

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