Sunday, May 30, 2010


Up until today, when I thought of La Cañada Flintridge, it was about Descanso Gardens. Now, I'll fondly think of Dish.

It was breakfast time, and I wanted to try something new. What? Breakfast in La Cañada? I didn't think there was anything there. I was skeptical but up for an adventure. And, I am certainly glad I did.

Dish is wonderful from the start. It smells fantastic as soon as the door opens with the bakery scents wafting through the dining areas. Vintage ovens serve as side boards, and there's a huge fireplace in the main space. If you're lucky enough to get a booth, each has it's own toaster. (See Café 101 post from December for relevance.) I immediately started visually shopping the other tables for what looked the yummiest, while reviewing the menu for what sounded the tastiest.

I went with the apple oatcakes (made with whole wheat flour, rolled oats and diced fresh green apples, squirted with apple butter and sprinkled with powdered sugar) combo plate with the sunny-side-up eggs and applewood smoked bacon. The oatcakes were phenomenal and, I like to think, better for me than their buttermilk brethren. Next time I'm going to try the cornmeal jonnycakes to see if they can surpass the oats. Or, maybe I need to order something where I can utilize the toaster. If that's the toughest decision I'll need to make, life is very good!

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  1. Does Fred 62 still have toasters on the tables? We'll have to go check it out once I move back to the 'hood.