Monday, October 12, 2009

Long Beach Cafe

Long Beach Cafe
is a once-a-year treat. For the last three years, LBC and its Longshoreman Special has been my recovery meal following the Long Beach Marathon. The last two years, I ran the half, got my medal, and rushed off to meet friends for a Longshoreman. This year I cheered on my teammates. I'm going on record to say it is easier to do the race than stand around cheering on others, but that's another story. In any event, I was exhausted and needed food.

The Longshoreman Special is all about bulk: three eggs, four sausage links and four bacon strips, and either pancakes or potatoes. I'm not even showing the rye toast that also came with the meal to add to the starchfest. I'm not sure if the longshoremen eat this before, during or after their shift, because I know I would not have been at my prime if I was going to work after this meal.

For the inquiring minds holding the Cruise Director versus Food scorecard, I polished off the pancakes and sausage, since those are both so tasty plunged into syrup. I took home half the eggs, most of the bacon and the toast. I'm feeling a BLT on the horizon. Eggs will probably end up tossed out, but that's OK. I crossed the LBC finish line happy and content!

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