Friday, October 9, 2009

Dave's Chillin'-N-Grillin'

Dave's Chillin'-N-Grillin'
is a funky sandwich shop in Eagle Rock. Funky because it is a sandwich shop/smoothie joint with a coffee house/your cool best friend's basement feel. I'll break it down.

A new friend from a training program had Dave's meatball sub one day at lunch, and she was just ooohing and aaahing over the sandwiches. She was a regular. I knew I had to give it a try. I had the delish French Dip, which you can see in the picture. The perfect combination of crusty bread that's soft on the inside was an ideal foundation for the au jus sauce. The filling was tender grilled beef with provolone and horseradish mayo. Yes, I'm becoming all about the flavored mayo these days.

They also serve a variety of smoothies and shakes. Next time I'll give one of those a spin as they sounded very tasty. And, I could probably pretend the smoothies are low cal with all the fruit options.

But, the inside is a hoot all on it's own. I counted six tables, along with an upright piano against the back wall and several easy chairs facing a TV with some old school video game components nearby. Various kids' toys are scattered about, and random art is on the walls. I felt comfortable and welcome. Too bad I had to get back to those training sessions, or I could've hung out for the rest of the afternoon.

Closing hours are not set; they are "open 'til the bread runs out." Apparently, the specials go quickly, too, so get there as close to 11A as possible. And, don't be surprised if you find yourself there on a regular basis.

Click here to go to their Web site.

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