Monday, January 4, 2016

Javier's Mexican Food

I'm at Pasadena City College to buy my textbooks. I'm enrolled in the Entrepreneurial Business certificate program at PCC to kick things off in my next chapter. Woohoo!

Although my primary sensation is shock - have you priced textbooks lately? - I'm also hungry. Luckily, restaurants near campus are varied and plentiful. Taunted by Javier's Mexican Food's banner proclaiming "Pasadena's best fish tacos," I took the bait.

Their fish tacos were pretty fabulous! The lightly-battered white fish serving was huge and delicious. Crema, avocado, salsa, cabbage, and squirts of lime completed the taco. Yummy!! In addition to traditional Mexican food, they also have Korean food on the menu. That should be fun to explore.

Here's to new adventures, both in learning and eating!

Javier's does not have a website. Street address is 1543 E. Colorado Boulevard, across from PCC. Phone is (626) 795-5878.

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