Saturday, January 9, 2016

Eagle Rock Noodle and Grill

I'm driving home after work pondering dinner. Nothing unusual about that activity. But I remembered seeing a new noodle place by the Vons on Figueroa Boulevard, just south of Colorado. Decision made!

Here you see my tasty meal from Eagle Rock Noodle and Grill: pad thai (the gateway entree!), veggie spring rolls, and the most unusual drink: salted lemonade! It was as if salt replaced sugar, and it was refreshing and delicious! I would recommend sipping the lemonade rather than using the straw, as the salt settles in the bottom.

The space is stripmall from the outside, but inside is happening! The blue light that you see at the edge of my table rotates to other colors, and, luckily for me, not in a narcolepsy-flashing pace. The space was full, and both families, couples, and solos like me enjoyed their food.

Who wants to get a little adventurous with their expansive Vietnamese menu options?!

Click here for Eagle Rock Noodle & Grill's website.

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