Monday, December 29, 2014

Dog Haus

I'm back to Lake Hollywood Reservoir for another loop with one of my besties. Afterward, we needed some food, and Dog Haus in Burbank near the Warner Brothers studio was the perfect spot. You really can't miss it. It's the place with the line wrapped around the side on West Olive.

And I know why! They have some awesome hot dogs! This is my Old Town Dog: smoked bacon-wrapped dog, caramelized onions, roasted jalapeƱos, chipotle mayo and cotija cheese on three King's Hawaiian rolls, with perfect tater tots on the side and a yummy Boylan's root beer. Wow!!

I think it's a hoot that they play up the "wurst" factor, like "The Absolute Wurst" on the neon sign, and "Prepare for the Wurst" out in the parking lot. Although Dog Haus is a franchise, I'm cool with supporting it. They have hot dogs, sausages and burgers, with vegetarian options, and it was great fun examining other guests' orders and finding out what they were having. There are several others I want to try, so who's with me?

Click here to go to their website.

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