Friday, December 19, 2014

Bob Baker's Nutcracker

Two years ago, I saw Bob Baker's Halloween Hoop-De-Doo and said I would see his Nutcracker that year. Welllll, better late than never, I guess. As you may know, Bob passed away just a few weeks ago at the age of 90, so seeing this show now was especially important to me. It was as special and spectacular as ever!

Bob's crew continues to tell the classic tale in his own unique way, utilizing 100 or so handmade shadow puppets, marionettes and props to make the story come alive. The orchestra players and their instruments actually moved!

This dragon puppet from Clara's dreamy travels was my favorite, and the kids in the audience were mesmerized by the magical performance, including this big kid!!

PLEASE help keep Bob's Theater alive! The Nutcracker runs through Sunday, February 1, so continue the holidays going long after the stockings and ornaments are tucked away.

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