Friday, September 27, 2013

Never Built: Los Angeles at A+D Museum

This Frank Lloyd Wright model from 1947 reminds me of the Encounter building at LAX (see February, 2012 post). Sadly, the cool complex designed for Runyon Canyon wasn't completed. It is one of many shelved LA projects featured in Never Built: Los Angeles at A+D (Architecture and Design) Museum, near the Petersen Museum on Wilshire Boulevard.

You'll also see monorail and freeway plans that never materialized, the original layout for Disneyland - in Burbank!, and the Bible Storyland theme park proposal. These, as well as Frank Lloyd Wright's building, are all chalked up to the could've beens because they couldn't get the public's backing and/or funding dried up. For example, Wright's design, with a lounge, dining room, dance floor, cinema, and cabaret above a swimming pool and tennis court, was squashed by nearby residents. Burbank City Council feared a "carny atmosphere" if Disneyland was built there, and Bible Storyland was considered "blasphemous" by local clergy. In total, there are about 20 or so concepts that never happened.

Be sure to see the exhibition by October 27, or you'll miss out on Never Built: Los Angeles, again!

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