Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Monastery of the Angels Pumpkin Bread

You may know I get my religion a spoonful at a time: pipe organ here and there, stained glass, "Amazing Grace" in various musical forms, and bagpipe band class offered in a church. Now I'm adding this Monastery Pumpkin Bread to that list, for a mouthful at a time.

Monastery of the Angels is off Franklin Avenue and Gower in Hollywood, located near Cafe 101 Coffee Shop (you may remember them from my December, 2009 post with Cake in a Jar). This bread is fabulous! The Dominican Nuns bake it onsite, and it's made from ingredients you can actually pronounce. There are no preservatives, so you either need to freeze it, or in my case eat it!, before it goes bad. I guarantee the eating will not be a problem.

Go get your slice of religion today!

Click here for their Web site.

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