Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'm checking in on some friends' place in North Hollywood while they're away on vacation. Woohoo, satellite TV at my disposal! They suggested I try and post on Mofongos, a Puerto Rican restaurant on Lankershim and Hatteras, so off I went.

I'll apologize here to all my PR chums for my naivete or inaccuracies. From what I have discovered, the classic dish mofongo is fried green plantains which are then mashed with garlic, olive oil, and bacon or pork rinds, then shaped into a ball or ring. You can see it surrounding the plastic cup with the broth. Meat is then heaped on top, with the broth poured over it all. Comfort food, PR style!

Here you see the fixings for Mofongo de Pernil with pork shoulder roast, with salty tostones (fried flattened green plantains) in the back. It is much more festively served in the restaurant than in this to-go box. Note that the mofongo is definitely starchy as opposed to sweet if you're trying to imagine how it all works together.

Mofongos is the only restaurant in Los Angeles that serves a full PR menu. Who wants to join me?

Click here to go to Mofongos' Web site.

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