Thursday, November 10, 2011

Diner on Main

I'm accomplishing errands in Alhambra, which includes new passport photos (and the photographer asking me "don't you want to fix your hair?" Lady, this is fixed!), some Rossing, and a Target run. Betwixt and between these stops on Main Street, food was needed. I've been eyeing the Googie-style Diner on Main for many years, and today was the day!

As we're approaching Thanksgiving, I went with this Turkey Dinner Sandwich. YUM! I'll break it down: toasted sourdough bread, cranberry sauce, sauteed spinach, sage-y dressing, turkey breast, more cranberry sauce. Now there's no need for gorging on Turkey Day, especially after pumpkin pie in the form of ice cream - with a bonus scoop of my favorite black licorice and surprisingly available after Halloween - at Fosselman's!

Diner on Main was designed by Armet and Davis, the architectural firm that gave us Pann's (see February 2011 post), Johnie's Coffee Shop (sadly closed since 2000) and the Hollywood Bowl. Give it a try when you're in the 'hood!

Click here to go to Diner on Main's Web site.

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