Monday, November 28, 2011

The Counter

You know about the one burger a month plan, right? Well, that one better be really good! Although I generally steer clear of franchises and chains for meals, The Counter is a tasty way to stray when I'm going to do it.

In case you've missed out, The Counter is a build-your-own-burger joint (similar to Slater's 50/50 post from April). They give you a clipboard with a gazillion options to checkoff so you can "have it your way." Or, if you are decisioned-out for the day, there is a list of signature burgers with pre-selected fixin's like this Counter Burger with crispy onions strings, sauteed mushrooms and tomato topped with provolone. Not a bad way to go at all!

I'm thinking I would like to expand this concept to The Boyfriend Counter, where you can order-up your own Dream Date. Ask anyone, I really am this immature! Okay, single ladies, I'll lead with these two categories that immediately come to mind: Sense of humor (sarcastic, bawdy, Far Side?) and Willingness to wear a kilt: (nonexistant, as needed, always?). Offer up some suggestions for our Dream Date men-u!

Click here to go to The Counter's Web site.

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