Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stinking Rose

I'm taking full responsibility for the gloriously garlicy scent wafting throughout Los Angeles today. Well, me and the delicious offerings at the Stinking Rose.

Here you see - I really wish you could smell! - their 40 Clove Roasted Chicken, served with garlicy mashed potatoes and a good number of those cloves. What you don't see is the warm garlic rolls, and the garlic relish with parsley and olive oil to dip the rolls in while waiting for your food. I was certainly safe from vampires, and my antioxidant count was off the chart, after cleaning this plate!

The space itself is a hoot. Some of the tables are surrounded by canvas tents; perhaps Stinking Rose is an oasis in the desert we call Los Angeles. There are stars painted on the ceiling with little hot air balloon models floating about. Naturally, there are murals with bulbs of garlic taking on human features, too. Be sure to take a looksie around when you go.

Alas, this time I did not get the crème de la crème of the Stinking Rose: the garlic ice cream. It's just what you're imagining it would be: creamy vanilla ice cream surrounding cloves of garlic. Although it won't replace my Fosselman's black licorice and pumpkin blend (see October 2009 post) on my ice cream fave list, the garlic ice cream is definitely worth a try. Hey, what's a little more garlic at that point?!

Click here to go to the Stinking Rose's Web site.

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