Monday, September 26, 2011

Elena's Greek Armenian Cuisine

It was lunchtime in Glendale and I just couldn't decide what it would be. So, I logged on to the ever-trusty site for some recommendations. Atop the list was Elena's Greek Armenian Cuisine, and off I went.

Here you see why Elena's was listed even though there are gazillions (maybe I overestimate, but not by much!) Greek and kabob places in Glendale; one happens to be kitty-cornered to Elena's spot on Glendale and Acacia Avenues. You start with the pickled cabbage salad and warm pita with garlic spread, then move on to the lemony lentil soup, while saving room for lamb shish kabob with rice, grilled tomato and green pepper. YUMMY!!

The decor is on the cheezy side, which you know I love. It is like a closed-in patio with columns and ancient Greek-style paintings on the wall, except with some really vivid colors. Street parking only, so you may have to walk a block or two during the busy hours.

Click here to go to Elena's Web site.

Click here to go to Roadfood's Web site.

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