Friday, September 9, 2011

Pie 'n Burger

I know it is called Pie 'n Burger, but I went with the hashbrowns and burger today.

As I've shared, I'm dietarily budgeted for one burger and one order of fries per month. Since I already had my tasty batch of fries for September, they were not an option today. Hashbrowns were the compromise, but delish in their own right.

The burger was phenomenal, an excellent choice for the one-a-month club! Old school with no fancy-schmancy toppings. Just the classics: lettuce, pickles and Thousand Island on a toasted bun. Wow! Classic is an apt descriptor for P'nB: wraparound wood-grained counter with 21 stools and four or five tables in the back. If you order a soda, they make it the old-fashioned way by adding the carbonated liquid to the cola syrup. The waitresses appeared to know everyone, and most of the customers seemed to be regulars. As you can see, the diner-style plates have seen lots of love!

As for the pie, I couldn't rationalize it this time. The slices I saw were enough to trigger an insulin pump. P'nB is known for their ollallieberry pie, but I had a big ol' piece of the rare-berry pie at Linn's in Cambria (see February post), so I was still good for 2011.

And, I've faced this struggle before - burger with hashbrowns OR burger with pie - as the trifecta is virtually impossible if you go alone. P'nB has been around since 1963, and I'm confident they'll be there the next time I need some pie.

Click here to go to Pie 'n Burger's Web site.

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