Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Girl Dinette

This vegetarian pot pie from Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park is an excellent example of patience in action. Yes, from me!

How so? Check back to February of 2010 and the Du-Par's post, when I talked about winning Dalai Lama tickets during the Craig Ferguson taping with Peter Sagal. My friend who joined me for the Dalai Lama event talked about the Good Girl Dinette then, specifically their vegetarian pho. I checked their Web site, and the vegetarian pot pie looked like the clear winner when I could go.

Flash forward 18 months, and I was due for a catch-up with that same friend. It had to be the GGD! Dang, this pot pie was sooo good: zucchini, potato and carrot in a yellow curry, with the most delicious biscuity crust! The fresh spring rolls as a starter were also amazing!

GGD also has meat dishes - the slow roasted pork baguette looked especially tasty - and I was tempted to ask the neighboring diners for a few of their fries. Alas, I've already had my fries for this month. Ah, patience applied once again...

Click here to go to Good Girl's Web site.

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