Monday, June 20, 2011

Tim Burton at LACMA

Tim Burton and I go back to at least 1985, when he directed the life-changing "Pee-wee's Big Adventure." For you regular readers, you know that the movie has inspired a couple of my roadtrips and spurred me to many interesting places. I don't instantly think about his spooky stuff, but I was quickly reminded of his work in that genre in this awesome new show.

Through Halloween (how appropriate!), Tim Burton at LACMA showcases about 700 fantastical works of art, including drawings, paintings, costumes, puppets, models and sculptures, plus lots of videos and film clips. A few of my faves: his "History of Humor" report from high school written on blue-lined binder paper (I joked with my Mom that should I get a retrospective exhibition, my archive has been tossed!), a hand-drawn forest scene from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with details that blew my mind, and multiple sketches, drawings and notes on the old-school animation paper the peg-board holes. The evolution of his genius through these early pieces was amazing!

You need a timed-ticket to enter, but you can stay until closing once inside. My bud and I spent maybe two hours and felt we didn't get to really "see" it all. My advice: enter on the tail-end of your entry time so that most people with your same ticket are already inside ahead of you. Then, you'll have a cushion before the next timeslot crowds around you and all the pieces. Trust me, you'll want to view each and every one!

On the slate for Tim is producing the film of my fave book of 2010, "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." You read about it here back in December. Thanks, Tim; I'm looking forward to an inspiring third decade together!

Click here for Tim Burton at LACMA's Web site.

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