Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hoosierland Influence: White Castle

I've written about lots of burgers here. But the burger that started it all for me? White Castle. They were the sliders before sliders were cool!

I totally grew up on these babies. Many fond memories, with both family and friends, have been formed around their steamed patties, onions and buns. My little bro and I each stuffing a whole burger inside our mouths and trying to chew it up. Leah and I picking up bags before going to the drive-in, or cruising around the Frisch's loop (see last July's Bob's Big Boy post) and stopping for a burger or two (or ten!). Or how about after midnight viewings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Vogue Theater in Louisville with Cheryl and Jay? During my NYC years, I schlepped to Queens to get my fix (noting that their regional variation included ketchup!), and my Mom and sister brought bags to me when I lived on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. All good times!

Whities is my first stop when I return to the homeland. Since they are located only in the midwest and northwest regions (don't bother with the frozen if you've had the real thing!), I've often made detours on roadtrips upon seeing the signs. Most recently, I shared a Crave Case with my family during our Relay for Life, after picking up a bag coming from the airport two days before. Yum! I guess that will have to do for now. Although, if you have one of their burger-scented candles, give me a shout!

Click here to go to White Castle's Web site.

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