Saturday, May 14, 2011

Salsa and Beer

Last March, I posted about the awesome potato tacos at Señor Fish. I broke Lent this year with their potato and fish tacos, after successfully avoiding deep-fried foods for almost all of the 40 days; they are THAT good!

Now, I've sampled a potato taco contender in North Hollywood: Salsa and Beer at Lankershim and Sherman Way. I sense a smackdown on the horizon!

Salsa and Beer starts you off with some super-delish bean dip and chips. Their salsa bar has a variety of flavor options, including the cilantro-avocado blend hovering at the cover of the picture. YUM! As if that wasn't a meal in itself, then there are the potato tacos with chunks of the spuds filling each mouthful. Their shells seemingly were fried separately from the potato, unlike Señor Fish, but were just as fantastic. Yes, I will need a side-by-side taste comparison. Are you with me on this?

Click here to go to Salsa and Beer's Web site.

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