Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ramen Jinya

Raise your hand if you, too, are dealing with sinus-y, congestion-y, allergy-y complications from 90+ degree heat, followed by temps in the 60s, with a bonus side of Santa Anas thrown in just to keep it really interesting.

I was mentally gearing up for another tub of matzah ball soup from Bristol Farms (not that there's anything wrong with that!) to heal what ailed me when I spotted Ramen Jinya next to the Marshalls on Ventura in Studio City. (Yes, I was taking the scenic route home.)

Here you see the Jinya Ramen with chicken chashu, spinach, green onion and fried onions in the chicken broth. YUM! More enjoyment came from watching the different ways the other customers ate their noodles; one guy used the chopsticks almost like knitting needles! I used the big spoon like a stage for working the 'sticks. My apologies if I offended anyone! You also see some delish organic lemonade hovering in the corner. It was a very tasty way to go, and I'm sure the extra vitamin C can't hurt.

It's been about an hour since my last noodle slurp, and so far very good with the congestion situation. Stay tuned because I don't think our weather party's over yet!

Click here to go to Ramen Jinya's Web site.

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