Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chill - Coffee, Crepes and Frozen Yogurt

is a super-cool hybrid of seemingly unconnected themes: fro yo, coffee and crepes.

I went for the red velvet frozen yogurt - sold by the ounce - with some fruit and candy toppings. Very tasty! I also sampled the tart green apple yogurt. Yum. They had at least eight different fro yo flavors to choose from, and a large selection of toppings. I was content for the moment.

But, a friend ordered a dinner crepe with chicken, cheese and spinach. Here you see the Chill staffer making it. I was shocked to see a crepe made to order inside this supposed yogurt shop. It smelled so good on the griddle, that I was considering reconsidering my yogurt!

They're open from 7A to 11P, which means they're good for the morning coffee, afternoon snack or dinner. Give them a try when you're in the area to satiate the blood sugar whatever hour - or whatever craving - it may be.

They do not have a Web site at this time. Street address is 11706 Moorpark near Coldwater Canyon in Studio City. Phone is 818-762-0041.

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