Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Los Tacos

Los Tacos is my go-to place for nachos, and my SGV equivalent of Tito's Tacos (see June 17th post), with horchata replacing the root beer and ice balls. Many of my "in the know" friends are fans, and one visit is enough to convert anyone.

I walked or drove by their neon signs many times heading south on Fair Oaks. I finally stopped in and ordered the large carnitas nachos to go. Dang! It was huge!! (The picture is the small order for reference.) And I was hooked.

Now that I'm in the club, friends proudly share that they cater their parties with Los Tacos. I sometimes run into people who test the waters with "you may know this little taco place over by the Huntington Hospital..." before admitting to being a fan. I proudly proclaim my fan-dom! Although Los Tacos bills itself as "the world's greatest tacos," I'll let you decide that for yourself. "The world's greatest nachos" -- now I'll definitely agree to that!

No Web site at this time. Located at the intersection of Fair Oaks and California in Pasadena, behind the dry cleaner. Phone is 626-795-9291.

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