Friday, November 6, 2009

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

I've found that most people are either full-on fans of the show, or they haven't heard of it. There's really no in-between. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! is a wonderfully witty NPR news quiz show. I've been a fan for several years. Yes, a fan of a radio program. I even planned a visit to Chicago around the Thursday night live show taping.

I'm not quite a stalker (due to geographical complications) but when I heard they were coming to the Pasadena Auditorium for a show, I was so there. I coordinated with my fellow NPR groupie geek friends for the Friday night show, and we had a blast!

Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell are ringleaders for games like "Who's Carl This Time" and "Bluff the Listener," focusing on current events and topics. They have a rotating panel of journalists, comedians, broadcasters and writers, bringing hysterical insights and commentary to whatever newsworthy item is discussed. This time it was Adam Felber, Roxanne Roberts and Mo Rocca.

Another segment is "Not My Job," where someone famous answers questions totally out of the scope of what they do. Here, George Takei (now you've got the Star Trek AND NPR geeks all freakin' out!) answered questions about birthing and maternity leave. Hilarious!!

If you're a novice and not convinced, listen to a broadcast (11A Saturday and Sunday on KPCC), or check out a podcast. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed. And, I'll think you'll be surprised by the quantity of NPR geeks already in your circle of chums.

Click here to go to their Web site.

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