Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mashti Malone's

The words "exotic" and "Hollywood" don't naturally lead me to an ice cream shop on North La Brea. But once you've tasted Mashti Malone's exotic ice creams and sorbets, you'll find yourself there on a regular basis!

Shown here is lavender ice cream. I know it sounds strange, maybe like you're eating a dryer sheet, but it was fabulous! This is the first ice cream I may have ever had that I didn't scarf down. I had to savor each bite. It was very refreshing, and I felt very relaxed afterward.

I also sampled the ginger rosewater flavor, and saw intriguing options like orange blossom and herbal snow (ingredients: purified water, evaporated cane juice, rosewater, lime, herbal seeds and mixed herbs). My friend got the Turkish coffee and was very pleased. And, with the natural ingredients, Mashti Malone's is a great choice for a treat when in Hollywood.

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