Friday, February 27, 2015

Airplane! and Kareem Abdul-Jabber

I love a good one-two punch when I can get it. And LA is cool that way! See, our Mayor Eric Garcetti was invited to share his favorite LA-based movie, and he selected "Airplane!" for a screening at the Million Dollar Theater on Broadway. What a hoot to watch it on the big screen with a full-house of like-minded fans! Writers Jim Abrams, and David and Jerry Zucker were even scheduled afterward to talk with Mayor Garcetti and KCRW's Madeleine Brand about their crazy ideas and influences. We learned some cool things like the co-pilot (Roger Murdoch/Kareem Abdul-Jabber) was initially written for Pete Rose, but he was busy playing baseball during filming. And casting leading men in wacky deadpan roles was their way of not ruining the film. Good stuff!!

The very next night and totally unrelated, Kareem was scheduled at Vroman's in Pasadena (yes, where I met Marky Ramone in January!) to sign his new book "Stealing the Game." I waited in a long line with a mix of UCLA and Lakers fans, all of us joking about when he would cut off the line. We found out, when Kareem decided to take a bathroom break right before the two guys who were in front of me. And he stood up - like it was in slow motion - all 7 feet 2 inches of him! We were afraid he wouldn't come back!

But he did, and he signed this for me! When I mentioned the movie the night before, he said "Great, I hope enjoy the book!" Good times in the big city!!

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