Tuesday, February 3, 2015

El Huarache Azteca

One of my coworkers needed some work done on his truck in Highland Park. We coordinated a carpool that took us past El Huarache Azteca on York Avenue, and we got to experience this novel new dish and restaurant.

A huarache (yes, shaped like the sandal) is a masa-base shell topped with roasted chicken, beans, cilantro, crema, cojita cheese and onions. This is the Super Huarache Mojado with both salsa verde and salsa roja for a dual flavor explosion. YUM!! Now I know why Jonathan Gold picked them as one of "LA's 99 essentials!"

There are several other Highland Park spots I'm curious to try. Who wants to explore with me?!

Click here for El Huarache Azteca's website.

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