Friday, October 3, 2014

Black Cow

I started the morning with my LA bestie at a warehouse clearance event from my favorite Hughes Estate Sales in Altadena. I bought several locally-inspired drawings: Chinatown, Rose Bowl, and the arroyo. He scored on some cool things, too, and made notes of items worthy of a return visit.

After all that, we went to Black Cow Cafe in Montrose, which had me at corn pudding! This is my delicious Southern Baked Skillet, with poached eggs over bacon, tomatoes and house-made corn pudding. If that wasn't enough, it was doused with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce. Wow!!

After powering-up, we strolled Mayberry/Montrose. I've posted before on the quaintness of Montrose with Paradis Scandinavian Ice Cream and The Star Cafe visits. My newest rave is Tom's Toys on Honolulu - a truly old-fashioned toy store! I didn't know such things still existed. I'll definitely return the next time I need a little something for one of the kiddies.

Click here for Black Cow's website.

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