Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brothers' Pies N' Fries

It's National French Fry Day, and I found a great place to celebrate: Brothers' Pies N' Fries in Old Town Pasadena.

These are the Brothers Style handcut fries, which is their sweet/salty version. YUM! I'm thinking I'll try the Pizza Fries or Malt Vinegar Fries next time as they both sound really good, too. I ordered the Little Brother size, and the fries came in a Chinese takeout box. "Little" is in the eye, or gut, of the beholder, I guess!

I also got a slice of Hawaiian pizza. It is pies and fries, afterall. Here you can see it spilling over the edges of the paper plate and barely fitting into the box. Brothers' makes thin crust pies, and their Italian-made pizza oven is a "first in North America" version that makes a delicious slice.

Brothers' is on the alley near Bellacures and Burke Williams, just south of Colorado Boulevard. Both the fries and pizza were made to order, so allow time for your customizations. Just don't wait until next National Fry Day to give them a try.

Click here for Brothers' Web site.

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