Sunday, July 20, 2014

242 Cafe Fusion Sushi

I'm in Laguna Beach with one of my besties to see The Art Detective, this year's Pageant of the Masters performance. We drove down early to have dinner before the show. We scored on a fantastic restaurant - RestaurART by their own definition - 242 Cafe Fusion Sushi, conveniently located on the Coast Highway.

For starters, this is my Mothra Mozzarella. As if the name alone wasn't enough, these flavors were amazzzzing!

This, my friends, may look like a pizza. Actually, it is their Lotus Pond special dish. That's tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and white fish under the lotus slices. And, it was delicious!! Have YOU ever eaten lotus?!

Finally, this is the Orange Lily, with pepper salmon, avocado, radish sprouts, cucumbers, spring mix and almonds. Wow! I'm not sure what the pink wrapper was, but it was pretty, and pretty tasty!

My chum's dishes were equally fantastical to look at, and he certainly enjoyed the multitude of flavors. I'll need to come up with some excuses to make the trek to Laguna Beach to fully explore their menu! If you haven't seen a Pageant of the Masters, this show runs through August 30. And, have some Fusion Sushi. You'll thank me for it!!

Click here for 242's website.

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