Saturday, May 31, 2014

Zombies from The Beyond

Yes, more zombies!! This time, zombies come courtesy of the Lex Theatre in Hollywood in a musical format. I know!!

Zombies from The Beyond is a hysterical satire of all the cheezy B-movies I love so much. It's 1955 in Milwaukee, and female zombies from another planet attack because they need some men. (Don't get me started!) Zombina's operatic singing turns red-blooded American men into zombies (you know they are zombies by the bulging eye goggles like you would wear in a tanning bed!). I won't be a plot spoiler, but the demise of Zombina involves teamwork, more singing and tap dancing.

Lex Theatre has about 50 seats, so the action took place almost - and for a few frontrowers, literally - in your lap. Props and sets were fantastic (reminding me of the Plan 9 from Outer Space show at the Maverick Theatre), with the space ship maneuvered with a fishing pole, sign boards promoting "Tru-Life 3rd Dimension" and "Zombie-Phonic Sound." Singing and dancing was accompanied by live keyboards and percussion to capture the mood. It will not disappoint the cheese-seeker in all of us!

ZFTB continues through July 20. Just go!

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