Thursday, May 1, 2014

Amara Chocolate and Coffee

I'm in Old Town Pasadena to buy a music stand at Old Town Music Center. You can see it on the bench behind my delicious Caprese sandwich and salad from Amara Chocolate and Coffee. On my stroll back to the parking structure, I was drawn in to Amara by the chocolate and coffee scents wafting down the block. What a terrific surprise, and I was not disappointed!

As if the Caprese wasn't tasty enough, this chocolate was off the chart! The 1" square of delight is the Peanut Cream Temptation: creamy peanut butter layered with Venezuelan chocolate ganache and topped with crunchy rice pearls. A grown-up Reese's Cup/Crunch Bar hybrid, if you will. And, the drink? Ginger lemonade with spearmint and sweetened with organic blue Agave. WOW!!

Other guests were enjoying the chocolate fondue, but that would require better planning. Next time! I'm sure the coffee is a real treat, too. And, they do breakfast. I'll definitely be back!

Click here for Amara's Web site.

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