Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cafe Gratitude

I was at the Paramount Pictures lot for Paris Photo, an incredible display of thousands of photographs presented for sale by 50 or so galleries from around the block and all over the world. It was a fun crowd with lots of cool shoes and artsy hair on the men and women, couples with tape measures checking to see if a monster print fits the needed dimensions, and a potential customer questioning why the price for an image was now $3,500 when it was $2,800 earlier in the week. Jesse Metcalfe and Gary Oldman were among the spotted celebs. After a couple hours of this, it was time for some chow. We had a vegan in our group who suggested Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont, and I assumed cardboard would be on the menu. Was I ever wrong!

Here you see my Awesome sandwich - Cafe Gratitude's name, not mine - which is eggplant parmesan. That's cashew ricotta and Brazil nut parmesan if you're tracking the vegan-ness of my sandwich. And it was awesome!!

Cafe Gratitude gives all their dishes wonderful names. My ginger lemonade was called Effervescent. My vegan friend ordered a Happy wrap, and the vegetarian in the bunch chose an off-the-menu BLT with "bacon" created from coconut. I didn't taste it, as you know I'm good with pig as the source for my bacon. We shared the I Am Lovely apple cobbler and the Cherished cashew cream cheesecake for dessert. Granted, they weren't my Granny's baked good, but they were tasty.

And, what are you grateful for? Your answer may change after Cafe Gratitude's delicious fare.

Click here for Cafe Gratitude's Web site.

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