Monday, April 14, 2014


I just finished a hike in Franklin Canyon, including looping the lake made famous in the Andy Griffith Show intro where Andy and Opie are heading to the fishing hole, and I'm hungry. On the drive around Sherman Oaks afterward, I spotted Carney's bright yellow railroad passenger car on Ventura, and I decided it was a hot dog kind of day.

It was hard to decide, but I went with this Spicy New Yorker: split and grilled with sauerkraut, chili peppers and grilled onions, along with a cup of their pineapple slaw and lemonade. Delicious! I guess I need to do a few more hikes and maybe try a burger and fries next time. Yummy!!

Carney's dates back to 1975, and Ventura is the second location after Sunset Boulevard. You can't miss them if you're in those 'hoods. And, as a side note, Franklin Canyon is considered to be near the center of Los Angeles, so you're not too far from either location.

Click here for Carney's Web site.

Click here for information on Franklin Canyon.

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