Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mohawk Bend

Does this look like recovery food to you?! Call it what you will, but I just completed a 5K, and I need to get my healing on. See, this length is a challenge for me, as I'm more of a distance and interval kind of runner.

Anyway, I'm here at Mohawk Bend in Echo Park with a chum, and, whatever excuse it takes, we're sharing the Elvis French Toast - words don't exist to properly describe the warm peanut butter syrup - and the Huevos Divoricados chilaquiles with fried eggs, black beans, avocado and queso fresco over the tortilla chips. Delish, and a perfect balance of sweet and savory!

Mohawk Bend is situated in a 100-year-old renovated vaudeville theater, and the crowd was quite animated. While waiting to be seated, a bouncer-type asked "are you here for the beer?" while extending a wristband. Silly guy, I guess he assumed I was legal. Several tables had the little beer taster glasses, and folks were enjoying their brews.

Mohawk Bend could become a new fave. Who's with me?!

Click here to go to Mohawk Bend's Web site.

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