Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pageant of the Masters

Have you been to a Pageant of the Masters performance? If you have, this season is unlike any other! Disco balls, confetti and Ferris Bueller are just a few of the differences.

If you haven't been to a POM, let me try to set the stage. Using make-up, costumes, props, scenery, film clips and lighting, plus live orchestra and voice overs, they create and freeze-frame famous works of art, and this time they included movies. It's only when the characters move that you realize what's going on! One of my favorite parts is the dissecting of a piece - this time a Remington painting - to see how the magic is accomplished.

The Big Picture featured a number of movies, including the silent "Safety Last!" with Harold Lloyd. You probably know the iconic image of Lloyd hanging off the arms of a skyscraper's clock. Now imagine that scene recreated on a stage, where Lloyd's character holds completely still in position until, on cue, his hat tumbles off! They also utilized a number of silhouette treatments to tell a story, including some Charlie Chaplin and a steam train, and Norman Bates' "mother" wielding a knife. The disco ball and confetti accompanied a starlet's entrance in a classic sedan and her walk on stage to accept an Oscar.

If you remember "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," Ferris and chums skip school, and one of their adventures is checking out the galleries at the Art Institute of Chicago. We get to see them strolling the galleries, with the artwork coming to life before our eyes. Super fun to relive the 1986 flick this way! I won't ruin it for you with the complete rundown, but there are lots of surprises. Just trust me and make the drive to Laguna Beach before August 31st!

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