Sunday, August 25, 2013

Charles Phoenix and LA Architecture

Chalk up another hilarious Charles Phoenix slide show! Themed to the Natural History Museum's new Becoming Los Angeles exhibition (which I haven't yet seen), this time Charles took on LA Architecture in his typical wacky way.

We learned about, and laughed about, LA's perfection of buildings shaped like what they were selling; drive-through dairies and donut shops (see November, 2009's Donut Hole post); mid-century design that still looks cool today (see February, 2012's Encounter post); and general over-the-topness (see February, 2011's Madonna Inn) in our built surroundings. Car washes, bowling alleys, houses shaped like potatoes - treasures are everywhere! And, all were described in Charles' 1,000-situp wacky way.

I definitely added new Cruise Director LA adventures to the list! Who wants to join me for an eye-opening outing?!

Click here for Charles' Web site.

Click here for NHM's Web site.

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