Friday, February 15, 2013

Von Bach at Fremont Centre Theatre

Looking for a wacky horror-esque play? Check out Von Bach at South Pasadena's Fremont Centre Theatre (FTC). As a bonus detail, the FTC building was once a funeral home. Does that motivate you, or what?!

Dr. Von Bach is a Dr. Frankenstein-type character who focuses on bringing the dead back to life. Also like Dr. F, Dr. VB's story has been the fodder for many movies with multiple retellings, including Von Black (featuring a black Von Bach), VB2K (Van Bach 2000), and a luchador version. A new Von Bach version is being filmed, and our play interweaves "clips" from prior films to catch us up on the story. FTC did a fabulous job of fabricating those past flicks, complete with the movie posters on the lobby walls.

The difference this time? Dr. VB is himself reanimated before the film can wrap. Now you've got a ticked-off undead mad scientist with much to say about how he is portrayed! I won't ruin the story, but it is quite amusing and entertaining how it all comes together. Go while you still can!

Click here for FTC's Web site.

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