Friday, September 7, 2012

Tom's Farms

A trip to Corona means a Glen Ivy spa visit (see August 2011 post) plus some chow at Tom's Farms. Talk about a one-two punch of goodness!! This time, I'll highlight Tom's.

If you don't know Tom's Farms, it is a collection of shops featuring produce, wine and cheese, furniture and home decor, dried fruit, candy and ice cream, plus burger and Mexican restaurants. Here you see my tasty Cowboy Burger with bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, an onion ring, lettuce and tomato that powered me up for some other shopping – the chocolate-covered dried fruit is fabulous! – before heading back to LaLa land. Yeehaw!!

Who wants to make a run to Corona with me?!

Click here for Tom's Farms' Web site.

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