Monday, September 24, 2012


I know, more ravioli! I had an offsite lunch with my team at work, and Pizzicotto in Brentwood came up as a recommendation. Note that I'll be recommending Pizzicotto from here on!

Here you see my Ravioli di Melanzane Special, which was beet fresh pasta filled with baked eggplant and ricotta in a sauce of roasted garlic, chopped tomatoes, basil, artichoke paste, diced purple potatoes and white wine, topped with provolone cheese. I literally sopped up the sauce with some crusty bread; it was just too scrumptious to not finish every last drop.

My colleagues' pizza and pasta dishes all got thumbs-up evaluations; their plates sure looked good. And, as if we didn't have enough taste-bud overload, we shared slices of chocolate mousse cake and apple tarte. Both were delicious!

Click here to go to Pizzicotto's Web site.

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