Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches

Further expanding on LA's "create your own" food craze, Coolhaus steps up to the proverbial plate with some fantastic ice cream sandwiches from their food truck. (Note that pre-made treats are available at some local retail spots. Check the Web site for details.) The concept is simple: select a cookie, then ice cream, and devour.

I first encountered Coolhaus at the Zombiethon (see Halloween 2009 post), and today was a pleasant reunion. Each time, the cookie and ice cream flavors vary, depending on the season and/or whim of the culinary team. Today's cookie choices were chocolate chip, s'mores, red velvet with frosting, and potato chip and butterscotch. Ice cream flavors were brown butter and candied bacon, Makers Mark with candied peaches and pecans, dirty mint chip (mint leaves with brown sugar) and blood orange sorbet. Want to guess what I got? I won't leave you hanging: potato chip and butterscotch cookie with bacon ice cream, and it was delish!

Coolhaus regularly makes the food truck rounds, so seek them out for a super cool and tasty treat!

Click here to go to Coolhaus' Web site.

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