Thursday, August 16, 2012

De Temps Antan at the Skirball

Working at the Skirball Cultural Center, I get to see fabulous world music on a regular basis. These guys - De Temps Antan - are my latest faves I "discovered" at the Skirball. Eric Beaudry, Andre Brunet and Pierre-Luc Dupuis SOUND like they have more musicians in the band because they use their FEET for percussion. How fun to see them singing and jamming on the guitar, fiddle and accordion while the tootsies are clomping, stomping and clogging at a blurring speed! The Quebecers sang in French, but it didn't matter. The crowd was clapping and cheering because the music was so invigorating. Go see them!!

Click here to go to De Temps Antan's Web site. Note it is in French!

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