Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Waffle

I was meeting a friend at the Arclight in Hollywood for a movie, and we needed some chow beforehand. I noticed The Waffle's inviting sign outfront, so off we went. One-stop parking on Sunset Boulevard is always a bonus!

The Waffle's menu is definitely diner-based, with some ramped-up selections. Biscuits and gravy, of course, but how about their red velvet waffle for some variety? If I was really feeling the trailer park side of me, I would have strayed to the Double Wide menu with meatloaf, grilled cheese or fried chicken served on waffles. Wow!

I went with the Waffle Breakfast Sandwich: two sunny-side up eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese between the waffles, with - of course - waffle fries. Next time, I'm going with some fruit to prevent my full-on carb load. But, there will be a next time. Who's in the mood for waffles, regular or premium?!

Click here to go to The Waffle's Web site.

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