Monday, July 9, 2012


It was time to finally try out redwhite+bluezz in Old Town Pasadena. When a friend offered to meet in my 'hood for dinner, I jumped at the opportunity to give them a shot.

Wow, I thought they were just music and burgers, but there's so much more! Here is my the first attempt from the cheese and charcuterie flight choices. Think Garanimals with cheese and sausage, mixing and matching all the options. The cheeses are sorted by the milk source: cow, pig, or goat, then the charcuterie offers both meat source of cow or pig, then either Spain or Italy as the location. What you're seeing (from left to right) is sopressata salami (pig from Italy), then pamplona chorizo (cow and pig from Spain) and sage derby cheese (sheep from England). Note that there are more than 20 cheeses to choose from and four charcuterie. There are also pre-planned tasting flights if you are decision challenged. Intermixed is crunchy breads, plus nuts and dried cranberries to further tempt the taste buds.

Now, while all this is going on, there's also live jazz. Plan on having all your senses engaged when you visit.

I'm ready to go back. Who's with me?!

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