Sunday, July 1, 2012

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen

One of my besties now living near San Diego was in town for work. She was staying in Century City, so we met up at the Mall for some shopping, gabbing and eating. Our choice was RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen. What a delish decision!

First off, the setting is fabulous! There is a fun patio area with comfy seating around enclosed fire pits. Bamboo and Buddhas fill the space, and there was no problem awaiting the table while getting the chatting started.

The menu was impressive, and we quickly decided to go with the Chef's Tasting Menu with its five courses and 10 flavors for $38 each. We got to select three appetizers, a salad, two main dishes, two sides and two desserts. Wow!

Now, to be clear, we thought "tasting" was more tapas-sized portion, and the appetizers were reasonably sized. After we loaded up there, everything else was full-on servings. Note to self: pace yourself next time around!

Here you see our appetizer choices: Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls, Lacquered BBQ Ribs, and Crunchy Calamari. Next up was Grapefruit Jicama Salad, Princess Chicken (my fave: tempura-dipped chicken breasts with Thai chillies, peanuts and palm sugar glaze) and Malaysian Salmon for our main dishes, then Asparagus with Green Beans and Ginger Fried Rice (with a sunny-side up egg on top!) for sides. Finally, Caramelized Banana Custard Cake and Warm Coconut Doughnuts for dessert. As you can guess, we each took home a full box for lunch the next day.

Have I inspired you to give RockSugar a try?! I'm on my way!

Click here to go to RockSugar's Web site.

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