Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nicole's Gourmet Foods

Argh, it's been one of those expensive days: first it was $300 at the dentist, then another $300 for contacts. While heading home, I passed by Nicole's Gourmet Foods on El Centro and Meridian, on the south side of the Mission Metro station. I certainly didn't want to drop another $300 on lunch, but the little bistro tables and market umbrellas on the sidewalk did their alluring job today. I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings and the prices at Nicole's.

Here you see the day's special: toasted brie and tomato on baguette, and tomato beet bisque in the lion head tureen. Yes, fancy-schmancy grilled cheese and tomato soup for $6.95. Such a deal and delish!!

Otherwise, they had an interesting marketplace with cheeses, deli meats and salads, cooking and baking supplies and equipment, and a case of very appealing pastries. Definitely give Nicole's a try.

Click here to go to Nicole's Web site.

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