Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zelo Pizzeria

I know, I tease with a pizzeria yet show a salad. But, I have my reasons: this salad was soooo tasty plus the unique detail of the pizza didn't photograph well.

Zelo's Pizzeria in Arcadia has cornmeal crust pizza as their distinction. Then there's their unique toppings, well, like corn and other gourmet options. I had the day's margherita slice special, and that cornmeal crust added a fantastic layer of flavor to a stand-by favorite. I'll plan to take a deeper dive into that menu!

But, back to this salad: beets, bleu cheese, walnuts atop greens and balsamic dressing. YUM! Fresh, crisp, and a nice nod to my herbivore tendencies. Delish!

Click here to go to Zelo's Web site.

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