Monday, October 10, 2011

Natural History Museum Dinosaur Hall

Finally, after visiting the dinos in DC, I saw the new Dino Hall at OUR Natural History Museum.

As shared, I worked at the Natch for more than eight years and cut through the old Dino Hall each day where the T-rex (half of the Museum's mascot team; Triceratops is the other) and other specimens stood - and sometimes laid - statically behind railings. They actually looked dusty and dried-up.

Wow! These new dinos are ALIVE! Walk around and under the articulated skeletons, and over glass-covered foot print paths. Hear how they think dinos sounded, based upon skull structure. Learn about the dino-bird evolutionary connection, and see a T-rex growth series. It's all very cool! Go see it for yourself.

Click here to go the Natural History Museum's Web site.

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